Badboy is returning to his form


He was often dropped from the team from that Under-13. The reason was always said that the boy has a lot of behavioral problems. However, the boy was worried about not being able to hide his emotions, telling the truth on ones face, whether these are called behavioral problems! With zero pockets and behavioral problems, the boy has advanced to a unique height. Wondering how? Now listen the story...

Life is said to be like a flowing river. It is almost impossible to say when and where life takes a turn. The story of the life of Indian cricket all-rounder Hardik Pandya is a bit like this. As a child, he used to spend all day with empty pockets at 22 yards. Nothing much could have happened to him without the game. It was as if God had written only cricket on his forehead. With only five rupees in his pocket, he used to complete his breakfast as well as lunch. If you think he can have breakfast only for him with five rupees, then you are wrong. The younger brother Krunal Pandia also used to accompany the five rupees allocated for breakfast. Hardick-Krunal's love of cricket seems to have been inherited. Because, the small business on that the family runs on, the business will go to ruin, any father like Varodwan will go to field thinking that the boys will be able to play good cricket. Five rupees to five hundred rupees. The story of life seemed to take a turn . However, who thought that the boy who played on hire for five hundred rupees would earn crores of rupees by playing in IPL.

Before 2015, no one knew Hardik Pandya at all. Mumbai Indians, the IPL franchise, took him to the team for Rs 10 lakh but he was not in the discussion. However, it is not in the words, if if you work hard, you will get good result. A half-century against Kolkata taken him in the limelight. Hardik suffers from neck pain before the match against Chennai. However, according to the suggestion of the trainer he played the match taking painkiller. The story of the field will surprise you even more. In that match, Hardik scored 21 runs off 6 balls. By this he had written the success story with his own hand.

Batting, bowling, fielding all together Hardik proved himself as a package, the door to the national team opened. Match winning ability and finishing skills soon became an essential part of the team. Then this all-rounder seemed to be living in his dream world. He has all money, name, fame. Hardik Pandya seemed to have collapsed from that position. He has lost his position due to one controversy after another as well as off-form. Badboy badge has also been added next to the name.

The BCCI selectors had to face a lot of criticism for keeping him in the squad for the last T20 World Cup. The cricketer added only 69 runs to his name in five matches. He bowled four overs but did not get any wicket. Moreover, the injury did not leave him behind. As a result, he dropped out of the team in the next series. Pandya has been looking for himself since then. Mumbai Indians did not want to keep him in the ongoing IPL. Gujarat Titans, a newcomer to the IPL, recruited him from the auction.

After off form and recovering from injury, the Gujarat team management put the responsibility of leadership on Hardik's shoulders. And this right-handed all-rounder seems to be on fire. The Gujarat Titans seem to be flying under Hardik's leadership. He has won all four of his five matches. Moreover, the captain is leading from the front in every match. In English it is called Captain Leading from the Front. He has scored 197 runs in five matches. Playing a stormy innings of 87 runs off 52 balls against Rajasthan is like telling the selectors that I am ready for the next World Cup, you can think of me.