Clarke - Symonds friendship breaks up for money in the IPL?


It is said that money is the root of evil. This proverb seems to have come true in the lives of Clarke and Symonds, two former cricketers who won the World Cup in Australia. Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds recently recalled an incident in the past. This raises the issue of the breakup of Clark's relationship with him.

Australia won the 2007 ODI World Cup. Several star cricketers of the team decided to retire soon after the World Cup. This impacted on the 2011 World Cup. Brett Lee' team did not given their best performance in the World Cup. Many believe that this was due to a dispute between two important members of the team.

Symonds spoke of that incident 15 years later. For the greed for money in IPL, Clarke created distance in the friendship. Symonds said, "He was supposed to go to the IPL in a big deal in the 2008 IPL. And that's why Clark fell into greed. ''

The former Australian all-rounder added: "We were very good friends. When he first came to the national team, we used to bat together. We have made a friendship since he came to the team. Which has ended the IPL money. ''

The jealousy between the two started when they went to play in the 2008 IPL on a good contract. Gradually the relationship started to get worse. Matthew Hayden, another home star, told Symonds. At present Clark and Symonds have no relationship. But they were once friends.

Symonds added, "Money gives birth to a lot of funny things. It's definitely good. But again very bad. Because this money destroys our friendship. I have enough respect and esteem for him (Clark). That is why I am not giving any details. There is no relationship with him at present. That's pretty good. I can't use bad languages. ''