Ravi Shastri impressed with Ashwin Kaka's all-round performance


Ravichandran Ashwin has done a great job in the ongoing Indian Premier League IPL. Ashwin's contribution to the Rajasthan Royals' first qualifier at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata on Tuesday is undeniable.

He played a remarkable innings of 40 off 23 balls against Chennai and contributed to the team's victory. This spin all-rounder is proving himself as a classy all-rounder in this year's IPL.

Former Indian national team captain and coach Ravi Shastri is impressed with Ashwin's consistent performance at bat. He also explained the reason for Ashwin's success. Praising the spin all-rounder, Shastri said, "Ashwin has brought his net practices into the match. It's great to go on the attack by finding his shot and bowling. He wanted to hit the spinners. He has scored 14-15 runs in the first over against Chennai.

Shastri added: "It should be remembered that Ashwin had scored hundreds in Tests. He is good at batting and his timing incredible. IPL has made him even better. There was a situation in the match where he had to take the helm. The season has been good for him. With a new team, good setup and Yuzbendra Chahal by his side, Ashwin has been able to play with an open mind. Sometimes, choosing the right bowler and reading his mind, Ashwin knows that. ''

Addressing Ashwin as his 'Kaka' (uncle), Shastri further said, ''He has done very well this season. This is a new chapter in his life. The new team has new infrastructure. He is accompanied by his teammate Yuzbendra Chahal. Ashwin 'Kaka' is now in a good enough place mentally. ''