Rohit Sharma Discusses Cheteshwar Pujara's And Ajinkya Rahane's Test Possibilities


Rohit Sharma, India's captain, warned on Thursday that filling the shoes of seasoned combatants Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane will be difficult. A two-match Test series between India and Sri Lanka took place on Friday. The match was held in Mohali. For the coming Tests, Rahane and Pujara have been left out from the squad. Critics believe it will be intriguing to watch who replaces them.

Sharma told the media that Rahane and Pujara are large shoes to fill, and whoever steps in will have a difficult time doing so. To be honest, he said, he has no idea who will step in for Rahane and Pujara. He remarked that the duo has accomplished so much for the squad, so many years of hard effort and playing 80-90 Tests, all those overseas Test victories, he can't put it into words. These individuals assisted the country in getting to No. 1 in Tests, and they have played a significant role in that.

Sharma commented that these men will undoubtedly be considered in the future; they will be included in their plans. They didn’t consider them for the time being, as the selector also stated. However, there is no mention of their not being considered for the series in the future.

In the absence of KL Rahul, Rohit remarked, he is a captain, he would love everyone to be in the team. He said that they will look through everything and make a decision after that. Mayank, Shubman, Shreyas, and Vihari are all great cricketers who represent India's future.

The captain further commented that he believes they require a strong start in order to flourish in this format, and it is critical that they do so. It will begin with management's assistance and backing, and ideally, with enough backing, not just from him, but also from others, these individuals will be able to help.