Russell Domingo's advice to Mushfiqur about reverse sweep


The controversy over Mushfiqur Rahim and his reverse sweep seems to be tied together. Mr. Dependable has often put the Tigers in danger by playing this reverse sweep in all tournaments, whether it is one-day internationals or limited overs matches.

However, Mushfiqur described the shot as his favorite Despite much criticism, head coach Russell Domingo sees no problem in Mushfiqur's shot play.

Mushfiqur also got out in the second Test against South Africa after playing a reverse sweep. Though captain Muminul Haque supported the matter at that time, team director Khaled Mahmud Sujan expressed his anger.

Mushi, meanwhile, did not see any problems in the reverse sweep shot, but Domingo advised him to play the shot at the right time. In this context, the head coach of the Tigers said, ''Suppose the opening batsman is out for a cover drive or lbw while playing towards the mid-wicket, will you tell him to stop the game? ''

Domingo said in an interview: "If someone has confidence, confidence in a shot, and if he thinks it's a good option, there can be no problem in playing that shot. In my opinion, the timing of the shot is important. ''

He added, "Mushfiqur is great in the reverse sweep, he has scored a lot of runs in this shot in the past. He is also very confident with this shot. Only time matters, when to play this shot. Cover drive is also a very nice shot. But if you are a left-handed batsman, if you play cover drive in the first 20-30 balls, there will be a risk. After playing 50-60 balls, there is no problem in cover drive. The thing is, when the shot is being played. "

Will Mushfiqur follow Domingo's advice? Or will he put the team in danger by playing this shot again? The answer can be found in the 22 yards of the field against Sri Lanka.