The suffering of the Australian team during eating time


Australian cricketers realized how difficult the situation is in Sri Lanka. They could not eat even sitting at the table. Because, all around is dark. No electricity connection. The only way to light the dining table is by candlelight. So Pat Cummins, Joss Hazlewood, Mitchell Stark had to sit in the dark without eating.

The incident took place during the Australian team's dinner. The incident happened before the start of the fifth match of the ODI series. Cummins also posted a picture of it on social media. The Aussie cricketer mentioned the current difficult situation in Sri Lanka.

Cummins writes, ''I sat in a restaurant this week. Couldn't start dinner. I was waiting for the power connection to start. Sri Lanka is going through a very difficult time. But the people here have welcomed us very well. I am very happy to be able to play here. ''

Sri Lanka is facing power outages due to the financial crisis. There is no electricity for a long time. Many people can't even watch the game sitting at home. However, the gallery is full of visitors. The Sri Lankans thanked Cummins as Australia have come to their country to play in this difficult situation.

Meanwhile, Australia took the lead by winning the first match of the five-match ODI series. But in the next three matches, Sri Lanka turned around brilliantly. The hosts won the series after winning three matches in a row.