Ludo hype around the globe


It appears that everyone is using it. from your friends, cousins, and even your employer, to the actor-producer Anushka Sharma. What are we discussing? As it happens, Ludo, which was adapted from the ancient Indian game Pachisi, has become one of the most well-liked games in the nation, especially during the lockdown. The game has experienced a boom in popularity, whether it is because players are revisiting a childhood favorite or are only now becoming aware of it. (Incidentally, Ludo has also made headlines due to reports of crimes that have happened while a game was being played.)

In addition, given that Ludo King is the most popular free game on Google Play and the App Store (with over 300 million downloads on Play Store), it is statistically likely that anyone playing Ludo on their phone is doing so while using it to play Ludo.

In less than a year after its release, the game created by Vikash Jaiswal, CEO of Gametion Technologies in Navi Mumbai, reached the top spot on Play Store and App Store with approximately 50 million downloads.

According to Vikash, there were 15 million daily active users (people who play the game every day) prior to the lockout. They reached 251 million at the beginning of May following the lockdown. There are now just 40 to 45 million people due to the reduction in the lockdown. The average daily playtime was 32 minutes prior to the lockdown. The time now is 49 minutes. Even yet, some players may play nonstop for three or four hours.

He further says that while 25% of users are from other nations, such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, West Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, the remaining 75% of users are from India. The game can be played against friends, family, or random players in addition to the computer (either as a two-player or four-player game).

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, CEO of Denave in New Delhi, used to play the game against the computer before the lockdown. However, following the shutdown, he began playing with a group of old college friends dispersed throughout the nation, devoting 30 to 40 minutes to the game almost every day.