Skills and Tips to win Ludo


You can play ludo online if you have a smartphone with the Ludo app. Ludo may be played for real money on the app even though Ludo is only played for fun on other platforms.

You can engage in a 1v1 combat with just one other person to play Ludo online. If your pawn is slain three times while playing Ludo online, you will instantly lose the game.

Here are the Ludo rules so that you can learn more about how the game is done:

The Rules of Ludo game
Make sure that each pawn or token is in the correct colour pocket before the game begins (Red tokens go to Red space). Then, it is the turn of each player to roll the dice to determine who gets to go first. Each player must roll a six to begin. After that, you can take out your pawn and begin your move. You have the choice to play another pawn if you roll another six. The game continues in accordance with the Ludo rules until every player has placed all of their individual pawns in their homespace. You can catch an opponent's pawn and send it off the board if you roll the dice and your moves clash with one of their pawns. To reintroduce that pawn into the game, the opponent needs to roll a six.

The game of Ludo is supposed to go on until three players successfully roll the exact number to get their pawns into the homespace.

The Tips and Strategies for the Ludo Game

To help you win every game of Ludo, consider the following strategies:
• Always open all of your pawns when you receive a six.
• If you are moved to a safe area, take advantage of it.
• Whenever you can, capture the pawns of your adversary.
• Distribute your efforts. Don't always move just one player.

Download the app
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