The complications between Ludo online game and Religion


Not just in India but all throughout the world, Ludo is becoming more and more well-liked. One of the all-time favorite online games of both kids and adults is Ludo. It is one of the most popular ways to pass time and to gather the family and share joy.

While Ludo is gaining popularity across the globe, some may wonder, is it ok to play if you have certain religious beliefs? Now, we are not experts in religion, but here are some netizens’ opinions that one may find interesting.

“It is emphasized that the Shari'ah has recommended activities that have health benefits. This may include hobbies like swimming, archery, and horse riding, and discouraged hobbies that require idling away time and are therefore prohibited. Given that playing card games or other immoral ones may require committing sins.

Even if there are no rules for the game of Ludo and no other sins have been done, it is typically to the point where time is squandered playing this senseless game, and prayers are neglected. Additionally, because of indulgence in such activities, the heart and mind are frequently preoccupied with these things and are not aware of the memory of God. Time should be spent on meaningful endeavours that serve the world and God, thus it is beneficial to avoid playing worthless games at all costs. “

~ Dr Mohd Amir Samdanee

“The dice itself, not the game, are the main problem. The point is the dice's creation principle, which is based on luck. Additionally, the idea that luck plays a role in the game runs counter to the concept that everything has a purpose. The majority of viewpoints forbid it since there are clear hadiths that support it, and only a small minority claimed that it wouldn't be haram as long as it wasn't used for gambling or other evil activities.”

~ Mustafa Marmud

“Is it haram to play internet games if you are a Muslim? Nope. It is 100 percent halal. Unless you somehow wager on who will win a game that involves gambling, in which case you have just made it forbidden.”

~ Josh Simon

Final thought

Again, we are not experts or scholars in religion but here are our two cents. As long as it doesn’t conflict with the spirit of your belief, then where is the harm? No one can please everyone. It is up to individuals whether one should play or not play online games like Ludo.