Try these methods to crack Ludo


If you've never played Ludo, you're not a Bangladeshi. We've all sat glued to the Ludo board for hours, waiting for our first six and for the dice to throw the winning combination. All of our childhood memories were brought back to life earlier this year when the Ludo mobile app went viral.

Although there have been other Ludo apps, none have proved as popular as Ludo Star. Ludo Star has garnered 5 million downloads on Google Play since its inception only a few months ago and averages 28,000 downloads each day. It is without a doubt now a phenomenon.

But ultimately, it's still just a game, so just like any other app. Ludo has a flaw that some players are now using to frequently score sixes. Many people had been discussing it online, so we decided to investigate it on our own to see if the hack actually worked. It does, too.

What players must do to constantly get a six is as follows:

  1. Watch the green ticker that shows next to your avatar.
  2. When one-fourth of the green ticker, or your allotted time to roll the dice, has passed, tap on the dice.
  3. If you tap the dice at this moment, you most often land on a six.

This simple trick will almost always result in a six.

On the other hand, other netizens claimed that if you are skilled in programming, it is possible to hack a six as well. The numbers that appear on the dice are merely random numbers that are produced by a function from 1 to 6 automatically. You need to have a very strong understanding of programming even after you decompile the code (hack into Ludo) since you will then need to develop your own method to obtain the desired number, which is a difficult task.

However, you can still give it a try. Most importantly, have fun, and best of luck.