Ways to Make Money with Ludo


More than 500 million people have downloaded Ludo from the Google Play store alone, making it one of the most downloaded game apps in recent years. Although downloading the software is free, is there a way to make money with it? If so, how can one profit from Ludo?

How to earn money from Ludo?
Unfortunately, there is no "official" way to make money from the app and Ludo is not a real earn money kind of game. There are ways for gamers to get around this "drawback," nevertheless.

Using the "pass and play" technique when playing with companions offline is a common strategy. Each of the four players contributes a set sum, and the prizes are distributed from the pile created by the "entrance fees."

The same procedure is applied to "online" games as well; an administrator creates a closed game by providing the players with the joining code. Gamers must transfer a "fee" to the admin's account using payment services like UPI or Paytm in order to join a game.

The administrator will distribute the winnings in accordance with a predetermined ratio after the game is over, keeping a certain commission for themselves. Such games entirely rely on player faith, and any payouts have nothing to do with the app makers.

Virtual coins
You can get coins by playing games, using the lucky wheel, or simply checking in every day at Ludo. However, these coins can only be used to buy in-app items like themes and other things; they cannot be traded for actual money. Coins cannot be redeemed for cash again but can only be "bought" with actual money.

How does one make money playing Ludo? Even if they are thousands of miles apart, family and friends may still have fun together with the Ludo app. It should be viewed more as a social app than as a way to make money, though.